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Traduce24 is an International Translation Agency based in Panama. We provide high-quality professional and certified translations by official public translators and specialized linguists for all documents. Our translators are certified by Panama’s Ministry of Education as Official Public Translators.

If you’re looking for a sworn translator in Panama for your legal documents, or perhaps you need to hire a professional linguist to translate your CV, you’re in the right place! Traduce24 provides translation services to individuals and companies alike. Whether translating a single page or representing a company looking for a reliable translation supplier for high-volume technical projects, we can help!

We provide high-quality translations with punctual deliveries and personalized services 24/7. With industry-specific knowledge, we have the expertise to translate technical jargon accurately. Traduce24 has been efficiently providing customized translation services across the globe since 2014.

Request a reliable and fast translation service with highly competitive rates for your technical, legal, and pharmaceutical translations in just a few clicks.

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Traduce24's Translation Process

Work Method

In Traduce24, your translation is always completed by a professional linguist and then reviewed by a second translator. That is how we guarantee your translation is flawless when you receive it. We focus on the original text, audio, and/or video to deliver an accurate translation with the same mood, style, terminology, and message. Our translations replicate the original document’s format and include graphic design when necessary.

In Traduce24, we work hand in hand with our clients to comply with all your translation requirements and guarantee your satisfaction. Our personalized services with immediate answers aim to provide each of our clients with solutions to fulfill their specific needs. In Traduce24, we are always available, and your project is always a priority. Please browse through our translation services to learn more about the solutions we can offer you today.

Quality Assurance

We understand the importance of receiving an accurate translation. Your job, company, or project can be negatively affected if it is represented with a bad translation. A translator’s experience and knowledge in your field are crucial to obtaining quality translations, especially for technical documents. Similarly, your legal proceedings and filings can be delayed due to translation errors.

Our professional translators specialize in many industries, so regardless of the subject of your document, Traduce24 can help! Don’t waste time and money or risk business relations because of a bad translation. Avoid delays by hiring Traduce24, translation specialists, for your projects. Contact us directly to learn more about the solutions we can offer your company. 

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How much will my translation cost?

The price depends on a couple of factors, including language, the size of your project, and the urgency of your request. Please send us your documents with the specifics of your project so that we can process your quote and provide an exact price.

If you are contacting us on behalf of a company with constant translation needs, ask us about the special corporate benefits and rates we offer in Traduce24.

To receive a quote with the exact price of your translation, fill out the translation request form or send your documents to [email protected].

When will I receive my translation?

The average delivery time for translations ranges from 2-3 business days. We can provide you with an exact delivery time once we receive your documents. You can send them via e-mail or through our translation request form online.  If you have a specific deadline, let us know so we can have your files ready on time.

What is a certified translation and what is a sworn translation?

Visit our blog to learn about certified and sworn translations in Panama.

There are a couple of laws that establish the requirements and procedures to qualify as a certified translator in Panama. These laws also regulate the exercise of their functions; learn about  Decree 975 of December 15, 2017, of Panama’s Ministry of Education and Resolution 2448 of May 21, 2018, of Panama’s Ministry of Education.

How do I know if my translation needs to be certified?

Certified translations are required for a range of official and legal proceedings. These procedures include legal paperwork, immigration proceedings, academic applications to universities and schools in other countries, and regulatory compliance procedures, among others. To be sure that you need a certified translation, please ask the entity where you are filing your paperwork so that they can confirm.

What is the advantage of translating my files with Traduce24?

Hiring a single translation agency means you retain a team of professional translators, we are always available, and we can offer the best rate in the market for high-volume projects. Moreover, we have the capacity to translate extensive technical documents efficiently and fast. takes care of processing, coordinating, and ensuring that you receive translations of the highest quality with punctual deliveries while providing personalized service 24/7.

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It is a priority in Traduce24 to protect our client’s data. We guarantee your documents and information are managed with complete discretion and confidentiality.

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Traduce24 is an international translation agency based in Panama that provides professional and certified translation services since 2014.


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